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"This is our City" 

1745 and the height of the Stuart reclaim to the British throne, sees Bonnie Prince Charlie lead an army of Scottish Jacobites to war against England. On crossing the border their first objective is the City of easy task to be sure…but what he finds is a city of defiance!

This is that city’s story.

Watch a short documentary on the Siege of Carlisle right here. Just hit the link below -

Six-part limited series

1715 AD - When seven-year-old WILLIAM OWEN lays witness to his father's death during the battle of Sheriffmuir, he swears to follow in his footsteps and serve his country.

1745 AD – The battle of Fontenoy, Belgium - William, hard-bitten and war torn, has indeed, become the soldier his father was.

Back on homelands, SCOTTISH JACOBITES, led by BONNIE PRINCE CHARLIE, again, threaten the British sovereignty. Summoned by the DUKE OF CUMBERLAND, William is tasked with a Royal mission, as first to trial a new approach to soldiering - the way of the spy. 

During his infiltration of the clans in Edinburgh, he learns that it is his home city of Carlisle that is to be besieged by the Army of Highland clansmen. He speeds off to warn the city’s Garrison and his family of the Prince’s plans.   

When extreme weather prevents reinforcing troops to arrive at Carlisle ahead of the Clans, William and COLONEL DURAND, Garrison Commander, are left with only one choice…to turns to the PEOPLE OF CARLISLE and ask them to fight.

Although outnumbered 4-1 against an army of sword bearing savagery, the MEN, WOMEN, even CHILDREN of Carlisle, agree to fight and prepare to line the walls to defend their city.

The clans cross the border and lay siege, but to everyone’s surprise, are fought back by William and his rallied army of city folk.

Taken back by this unexpected act of gallantry, the Highland Prince retreats east to the town of Brampton to re-plan his attack. William infiltrates the clans again and learns the Prince’s overall plan to invade London and overthrow the Monarchy, but is captured and tortured. With aid from local villagers, William escapes and his urgent message is sent to London and King George.

The siege of Carlisle recommences, but little does the Bonnie Prince know, that the English now abandon France and rally to London to protect the King. 

After days of starvation and fighting, CAPTAIN TAILOR, a militia officer, although against the will of the people, agrees to open the city gates and surrender to the Highland clans.

Days later, the clans abandon Carlisle and continue south toward London, but word soon reaches them of the now strongly defended Capital. The people of Carlisle had proven victorious afterall!

Realising his defeat, Prince Charles gives the order for the Highland Army to retreat back to Scotland…but the English troops give chase.

The final battle is set, as the English vow to end the Jacobite claim forever. A battle of immense proportion and bitter fighting, and last to be fought on British soil…a place history will remember as CULLODEN.

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