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WW1 – An ambitious British Journalist and a love-struck German Soldier tu​rn the tide on the war when they declare a Christmas truce in the trenches.​

Remembrance Day – London – 2014.

The World again, remembers the fallen. 

For the first time ever, a German Veteran from World War One is present at the Cenotaph at London’s Whitehall. 

Two Elderly Veterans, British and German, are reunited in the day’s bizarre events. Both men eye one another warily…they close their eyes and remember… 

August 1914 –

The World has gone to War. Following a large Recruiting Campaign by LORD KITCHENER, many young British men take their oath to the King and are sent into Europe.

MATT JAMES is a budding young writer, who is forced into War by a much younger and arrogant brother, PETER. Matt’s selfless decision to watch over his sibling is matched by his soaring ambition to become a successful writer by bringing back stories and tales from the Western Front, urged by a ruthless editor for a local Newspaper. 

KLAUS EHLICHMANN is a young German Farmer, who is forced into combat in a bid to receive the blessing of his Fiancé's Father. 

The men are sent to France and the war – stationed on the Western Front.

During a bitter battle in ‘No Man’s Land’, Matt spares Klaus’ life and a remarkable friendship blossoms. 

On Christmas Eve, both men, declare a truce in the most remarkable event ever recorded during Wartime. The 1914 Christmas Truce! 

Soldiers, enemies, lower their guns and together, celebrate Christ’s day. They exchange gifts, drink wine and sing Carols. War, death, is forgotten. 

When word of the Truce finally reaches the British and German Hierarchy, the

Soldiers are ordered back into their Trenches. Hostilities are to recommence.


On the morning of Boxing day, Commanding officers from both sides of the conflict, bow, salute one another and then open fire. The Truce is over. 

Remembrance Day – London - 2014 -

The two elderly Gentlemen nod respectfully then hug one another. They are Matt and Klaus. 

Together, they lay a wreath at the cenotaph in London, and salute the fallen. 

*Contest winner.

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