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Millions face a gruelling death, when an explosion on the Moon sends it into a downward spiral with the Earth...​

A powerful solar flare emanates from the sun and is projected towards the earth, as a news channel reports the detrimental health of the US President…and announces the opening of the first moon base, named Destiny One.

Pilot; CHUCK CONNORS; flies new space shuttle Star Strider One towards the moon. On board is his ex-wife, ELIZABETH CONNERS; Vice-President of the US; there to rehearse the official opening of the base.

Later, Star Strider Two approaches Destiny One, but the solar flare interferes with its navigation system and its crashes into the base, causing its nuclear reactor to explode. There’s tremendous damage to the moon…a large crack to its core.

Only Chuck, Elizabeth and a few Technical Aids survive…safe and secure in an isolation complex.

In Northern England and for reasons unknown, the city of Carlisle is mysteriously flooded. ED CARTER, former astronaut and Scientific advisor to NASA, considers its cause and contacts an old colleague and nemesis with a possible explanation.

SAM CONNORS; Leading Astrophysicist and daughter of the Connors; is on the case too, and learns that the moon is out of orbit and edging its way towards the earth.

When Los Angeles is hit by an earthquake, Sam urgently makes her way to the White House to give a brief on her discovery. Ed’s call confirms her discovery.

Turmoil throughout the Earth ensues, as seismic activity causes devastation…earthquakes…volcanic eruptions… tsunami s on a mass scale…the face of the planet begins a transformation. Emergency Services worldwide attempt mass rescues, but for some, it’s just too late.

Ed Carter is brought to the White House and urged to lead a rescue mission for those trapped on the moon, with the use of an alternative Landing Craft that he had designed years earlier.

Sam charts the forthcoming disaster and learns that time is running out before the San Andreas Fault will collapse and millions of Americans will die.

The strain of the ordeal causes the President to suffer a mass heart attack.

The power of the Presidency is transferred to the Vice-President on the moon.

Sam charts a future image of the earth, as it will be concluding this disastrous event.

The newly appointed President realises how she can save those threatened by the San Andreas Fault line – to explode a second nuclear reactor!

Ed lands safely on the moon and everyone with the exception of the President climbs aboard…rescued.

She addresses the world on camera, as she prepares to sacrifice herself for mankind.

Seismic activity strengthens - the San Andreas Fault line begins to quake. The President detonates the second reactor just in time, destroying the moon and herself.

As those rescued land safely on earth, all seismic activity dies. 

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