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London – the near future

Mass immigration and ignorance has led to the establishment of the most extreme version of Sharia law in Britain.


The world changed that day… for those who opposed it.

The penalties for non-believers.



From the resilience of one man, (Malcalm Gough) comes the Resistance…. a small group of men and women who seek only to restore a once fair regime back to their shores.


But the leaders of the new Islamic State are not easily faltered. This is their holy war, and they will do anything to maintain the demands of their God.


Told over eight episodes, this action/drama follows the life of Johnathan and Megan Porter; Dhimmis; for the Islamic State, who join the Resistance in hope of being reunited with their missing son, who was taken for conversion.


Lies, deception and moral duties complete this tale, where life has become a simple bid to survive.

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