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WW2 – An eager-to-do Aircraft Engineer and a daring Pilot join forces to conduct a deadly raid on Germany’s Ruhr Dams.

Present day – 

When Teen Daniel Fletcher watches a display by the Royal Air Force’s ‘Red Arrow’s, he immediately knows where his future lies. During recruitment Daniel learns of 617 Squadron, the infamous ‘Dambusters’. Three books detailing the raid of the Dambusters are handed to Daniel, and we move to. 


August 1939 –

Pilot Guy Gibson is called to duty as War is declared against Germany. 


Aircraft Engineer Barnes Wallis, lazes in the sun with his family. He watches as his children skim the water with flat stones and an idea is born. 


The next three years pass as Engineer and Pilot independently work to develop themselves; Gibson rises to the rank of ace pilot and Wing Commander, whilst Wallis, undeterred by Government red tape, develops his theory for a bouncing bomb; a bid to smash German Dams.


1943 -


Despite a plight of opposition, permission is granted for a raid against German targets; Dams in the Ruhr valley; and Wallis is introduced to Gibson.

617 Squadron is born; only the best bomber pilots and crews; selected. Gibson spares no time in training his men for such a daring sortie. Together Wallis and Gibson prepare for the mission, scheduled for July of that year. 


The day of the mission arrives and despite apprehensions from all involved; Gibson and his pilots set off and head for Germany, their ‘bouncing’ bombs’ readily placed in the belly of the modified Lancaster Bombers.


Back in the operations room, Wallis paces up and down; he’s put his whole reputation on the success of his invention. 

As Gibson and his pilots reach their objectives they are hit hard with enemy flak and several aircraft are lost. Despite growing odds against them, Gibson and his remaining aircraft, deliver Wallis’ punch to the German war-machine and two out of the three dams are breached. 

Bomb factories and other military stations are swept away under an onslaught of a raging torrent of water. 

Back in England, Wallis celebrates and the remaining pilots and crews are welcomed back. 


The legend of the Dambusters is born. 


Present day – 

Daniel Fletcher, in awe of the Dambusters, joins the Royal Air Force.

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