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Nick is a former British soldier, who first developed an interest in the arts as a child. Acting and writing went hand-in-hand, from performing in his local Christmas Pantomimes and other Plays to writing short stories, based on his own childhood experiences.


As a huge fan of film and television, it was only prudent that Nick would eventually turn his hand to the Industry, where he was first introduced to film and television work as a Supporting Artist, whilst still serving in the military.

Nick has gained additional experience within the industry, as both a military advisor and a manager of a Supporting Artists' agency. 

During this time, Nick has completed training in both Acting and Screenwriting, and set his own precedence to work towards a career in both disciplines.​

During this past year, Nic​k has gained professional representation, both as an Actor and Screenwriter. Please use the Tab at the top of the page to see further details.

Nick is currently assisting Where Poppies Grow Ltd with their first Feature 'Pendragon' in an Executive Producer role.

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